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ADD: Room 2011,No.388 Shitai Road,Shanghai
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  Hunan Jiutong Smelt Group Co. was established in 1895. It started from mine exploitation, then developed into a large base of stibium series products comprising excavation, mill run, smelting, and chemical industry. Later it incorporated with pharmaceutical, papermaking, service, and environmental trades and established group corporation. It is a key enterprise of Hunan smelting industry.
   Shanghai Danxu Trade Co., Ltd. is built from an office of former company. Under the leadership of G.M. Wen Dan, it provides the customers with refined stibium, antimonous oxide, antimonous chloride, antimony trisulfide, arsenic flowers, sodium pryoantimonate, decabromodiphenyl oxide, vanadic anhydride, saltpetre and active carbon, etc. At the same time we also offer conveyance, technical consultation, and information guidance service.
Antimonous oxide Biantimonic trifluoride Arsenic flowers Activated carbon Organic antimonic alcohol
No.1 Refined stibium & No.2 Refined stibium Antimony trisulfide Decabromodiphenyl oxide YT Flame retardant Sodium antimonate
Antimonous chloride Sodium pryoantimonate Saltpetre Colloid antimonic oxide Stibium acetate
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